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 **FOOD FOR FINES will run through the end of the year.  You can pay your fines with non-perishable food items which the library will donate to the ARK.

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New Fiction

Fox Tracks by Rita Mae Brown.  “Sister” Jane is the Master of the Jefferson Hunt in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mtns. At the moment, she & friends are enjoying the annual gathering in Manhattan of clubs from all over the U.S. During the celebration, the corpse a local smoke shop proprietor is found. Then another corpse is found in Boston with similar execution-style shooting. “Sister” Jane senses a connection and sets out to track down the killer(s). In doing so, she finds she has become a target.

The Forgotten by David Baldacci.  Army Special Agent John Puller is top investigator for the U.S. Army but this new assignment is close to home. His dad’s retired sister lives in Paradise, Florida, on the Gulf Coast. Or, at least she did before she was murdered. But local police called it an accident. John senses more is involved, especially from his aunt’s letter indicating to her brother that all was not well. Yet sometimes even the authorities will cover the truth to protect their community, especially when a major conspiracy lurks beneath the surface.

Notorious Nineteen Janet Evanovich.  Private investigator Stephanie Plum has a case that could help with her financial troubles…if she could solve it. Geoffrey Cubbin is wanted for embezzling millions from one of New Jersey’s top assisted-living facilities. Shortly after an emergency appendectomy, he disappeared from the hospital without a trace. Then a 2nd felon disappears from the same hospital & Stephanie finds herself working with Trenton’s hottest cop. Of course, with Stephanie one case is never enough, nor is the encounter with only one good looking male companion.

The Buzzard Table by Margaret Maron.  Judge Deborah Knott & husband Sheriff’s Deputy Dwight Bryant return home to find some long-time acquaintances. Lt. Sigrid Harald & her mother Anne are down from NYC to have Thanksgiving dinner with Anne’s dying mother, Mrs. Lattimore. Mrs. Lattimore’s nephew Martin is also present for the family meal. Anne finds her cousin interesting but strange. There’s something uncomfortable about him she can’t put her finger on. When a string of murders occur within the county, Deborah, Dwight, & Sigrid join forces to investigate &, in doing so, turn up some long-hidden family secrets.

New Non Fiction

The Color of Rain: How Two Families Found Faith, Hope, and Love In the Middle of Tragedy by Michael and Gina Spehn.  Matt Kell & Cathy Spehn were classmates. Matt died of cancer on Christmas Day, leaving his wife Gina & their 2 children. Four weeks after his death, Cathy Spehn developed severe headaches & died 17 days later from inoperable brain cancer, leaving her husband Michael & their 3 children. On her last day, Cathy asked Michael to call Gina Kell. This book describes the healing processes for Michael & Gina and their children as they shared the experiences of grief and gained re-affirmation for life.